the logo origin

this might just be the most important part of the brand for me. With a bachelor of arts in graphic design, the logo of my very own brand was so important.

I wanted something personal, something with character and that was unique to myself. So after a lot of brainstorming, I knew I wanted a handwritten logo that would reflect me, that's logo no1 that the early adopters saw

I liked it from the beginning, but there was always something missing in the logo, it wasn't even my handwriting, it was something I created to look good. but for me, it wasn't good enough, so I had to change it.

what I wanted with my logo was something that would last forever. but how? I felt like I wanted to change logo every month, and I always went on this big tangent of logo redesign, it was very frustrating.

after months and months of thinking about it, I found my why. The new logo would be a handwritten logo written by my dad. He is the one I've always looked up to, and it would be the perfect logo. If you re watch our first launching video "introducing l'homme", you will see that my dad is at the last frame with the saying "we look up to you". He is l'homme. Now, my logo is perfect. and he passed away last year so the logo won't ever change

I hope you like it too.