"Enn Kart Mari Serye!" is a digital card envisionned by Thierry Wong, with the goal to provide everyone something they like


it is a card that enables you to get discounts in several shops, restaurants and even tuitions. My goal is to make you save more than what you've spent on the card itself. Whether you spend it on jewelries, gifts, food or any other way, we got you covered!


it is a card that give you visibility to be seen by more than your pool of clients. It is a way to expand your business to a broader audience. It also develop a relationship with its client to better understand what they want from you. 



you've given me a platform that enabled me to get discounted deals for people willing to support me and buy "Enn Kart Mari Serye!". If this card is not for you, I totally understand, nothing has to change between us, you still gonna watch the same video that brought you here.



people buying this card enables me to live my passion, and that I'm very grateful for, and I'll try my best to make it something worthwhile. I ahve many plans for it, I hope you get on board with me.